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Where to Find Inclusive Beauty Products & Fashion Choices


You may be getting older but, for the most part, the fashion and beauty industries have targeted the same age. However, there are more options than ever before, with visionaries who are thinking beyond the status quo. Not only are companies starting to wake up to older spokesmodels, but some savvy businesses are developing clothing lines and beauty products to mature adults.

When it comes to beauty, some brands are moving toward “well-aging” and “pro-aging,” rather than anti-aging. Brands in Korea and Japan were the first to offer products specifically dedicated to older women ages 60 and up, and now western companies are following suit.

For one, Lancôme has been a pioneer in catering to older women. Recently it brought back 65-year-old actress Isabella Rossellini as its spokesperson, who will appear in ads for the brand’s Rénergie Multi-Glow range this year. In fact, Lancôme’s creative director Lisa Eldridge shares her approach to beauty with tutorials on her YouTube channel that often uses older women as her models, instructing older clients how to embrace certain features while using makeup and applications that are most appropriate for older skin.

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph line consists of natural moisturizers and color sticks for women who want to look healthy and radiant. Made with only sustainably sourced ingredients, this skin care line enhances the natural radiance of a woman’s skin in every phase of life. Created by a successful makeup artist who became a silver-haired model at age 49, BOOM! resists the message that women become less attractive as they age. Instead, its philosophy is that women only get better with age, with the increased capacity for resilience, strength, and pleasure showing on their faces.

Tricia Cusden, a lifelong makeup addict, became frustrated with the way the beauty industry was so preoccupied with selling her anti-aging products. So at age 66, she and her daughters, Susy and Anna, created Look Fabulous Forever and began creating makeup tutorials on YouTube, some garnering more than 2 million views. Look Fabulous Forever is another pro-aging makeup collection that was conceived, designed, and formulated exclusively for older women. From foundation designed to give more mature skin an extra bit of hydration to lip colors formulated to prevent fine-line feathering, the UK-based company has created a cosmetics line to enhance an older woman’s beauty rather than conceal it.

Your swim attire can be some of the most challenging clothing items to shop for, but it doesn’t have to be anything but a confidence booster. The company Swimsuits For All says it all right in the name. The online retailer offers flattering swimwear in a huge variety of styles for all shapes (sizes run from 2 to 34) and ages. It is also known for swimsuits with superior construction and expert fit. Additionally, Swimsuits For All carries a line of chlorine-resistant swimsuits and workout wear that retains its shape and fabric quality for extra pool time.

Getting dressed can go beyond personal taste and mood. For those who may be living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and memory loss, as well as stroke survivors, those with physical disabilities, and anxiety disorders, retailers such as have many fashion-conscious and practical adaptive products available. Adaptive clothing takes the stress out of getting dressed and disrobing with easy-to-use fasteners and Velcro® tabs instead of laces and buttons, making the process of getting dressed safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.

The Alzheimer’s Store and MindCare offer a wide variety of adaptive clothing as well as a beautiful collection of fleece wraps, capes, and shawls. People don’t normally associate fleece with style and year-round comfort; however, fleece is fashionable and keeps you warm during the winter months. It’s also lightweight and breathable during warmer times of the year.

Silverts, an online retailer and mail order company that has been around since 1930, specializes in adaptive wear. The company has made it its business to be aware of the routine physical dilemmas faced by many in the daily chore of dressing. As a result, Silverts’ design department consults with clients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to incorporate style with the need for ease of dressing.

High fashion label Tommy Hilfiger launched its first adaptive collection for children in spring 2016 and expanded to include a men’s and women’s adult collection for fall 2017, marking the first time a global fashion brand featured apparel to accommodate the needs of this underserved market. Called Tommy Adaptive, its mission is to be inclusive and empower people of all abilities to express themselves through fashion. The Tommy Adaptive collection features modified closures and adjustable details. The spring 2018 collection offers new product modifications, including seated options for tops and bottoms, bungee cord closure systems, and updated Velcro® brand closures.

Looking good means feeling good, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make the most of your beautiful self. The growing trend for retailers to not only include but also cater toward older generations will—pardon the pun—never get old. 

ABOVE: Look Fabulous Forever's Color Corrector in peach and smooth like silk face prime. MAIN: Tommy Adaptive Spring 2018 Collection featuring: Jeremy Campbell—Gold Medal Paralympian and Espy Award winner, Mama Caxx—Blogger, motivational speaker, model Chelsie Hill—Dancer and vlogger, Jeremiah Josey—Chef.
Silvert’s wheelchair clothing.
Boom Cotton moisturizer.
The Alzheimer’s Store fleece lap and shoulder wraps.
Tommy Ddaptive men's shorts.
Mindcare's collection for seniors.