Tips for breastfeeding in the summer with more comfort

Breastfeeding in the summer can be quite a challenge! Although it is loved by many people, summer can be a nightmare in the lives of pregnant women or mothers of newborns, right? That’s because summer, by itself, already inspires skin care, hydration and protection against burns. However, when you are a breastfeeding mother, these precautions must be reinforced and redoubled so that you can meet all the demands that babies usually make during this season. Thinking about it, do you want some tips for breastfeeding in the summer with more comfort ? Find out next!

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Tips for breastfeeding in the summer with more comfort

Summer can be quite challenging for mothers and nursing mothers. And if for us adults summer can be quite uncomfortable, for babies and newborns it can be even more so. As breastfeeding in summer, winter, autumn or spring is much more than just feeding, it is really important to keep an eye on each of the signals that the baby sends to the family, especially those related to hydration and feeling warm. , for example.

Chest, as we well know, is lap, love, affection, bond and also nutrition . But then, how to go through the hottest days of the year breastfeeding, without so much discomfort? Check out five important tips for breastfeeding in the summer with more comfort below!

1. All attention is little

Just like us adults, little ones feel thirstier in the summer. However, if your baby is still exclusively feeding on breast milk , he doesn’t need water. Therefore, a good tip is to increase the supply of milk, letting the baby breastfeed whenever he wants. At the beginning of the feeding, the milk has more water and hydrates the little one well. Therefore, the trend at this time of year is for the feedings to be shorter, but in greater quantity.

Thus, breastfeeding on demand can be a great ally these days, especially because it will keep the baby hydrated in the right measure, avoiding the feeling of thirst – which can be very irritating for the baby – and discomfort.

In addition, it is worth remembering that breastfeeding on hot days is also able to regulate the baby’s body temperature. Still, by keeping in touch with his mother’s lap, he will feel more comfortable.

2. Pay attention to fabrics and clothes

For a hot day, the best clothing is the lightest and most comfortable, both for mothers and for the little ones. It is essential to pay attention to the fabrics of the clothes, avoiding at all costs those that are clearly synthetic, for example. This is because synthetic fabrics tend to be much warmer because of the weave, which, even if it comes in different forms, will always have some type of plastic fiber in its composition, which will not absorb sweat or regulate body temperature.

In addition, for mothers, it is always interesting to choose clothes with light fabrics and openings that facilitate breastfeeding. A tip for babies is, if possible, to leave them only in a diaper, especially while they are at home. That way, they get fresher!

On the street, opt for natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo fibers. These fabrics absorb sweat more efficiently, increasing the well-being of both mother and baby. Finally, never leave the house with your baby without a blanket, even if it is very light or even looks like a sheet. This is more than necessary to shelter you from the wind!

3. Give more baths

You don’t need to give your baby a full bath several times a day. But letting him get a little wet between feedings makes him feel more comfortable and less agitated!

The signs that the baby gives when it is hot are quite simple to understand: in general, the skin of the little ones tends to become redder and the behavior tends to be much more agitated.

That’s why breastfeeding in the summer is so important! With the reinforcement of breastfeeding on hot days, we were able to calm and comfort the baby, bringing him to our lap. Even though skin-to-skin contact on hot days may seem very uncomfortable for the baby, breastfeeding in the summer is just as effective in keeping the baby calm and comfortable as at any other time of the year.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that colotherapy works all year round! In this sense, breastfeeding on hot days is one of the greatest proofs of this, thanks to its highly calming effects.

In this sense, in addition to giving more baths, it is important to avoid, as much as possible, exposing the little one to very hot and dry places. Always look for a shade and cool places! If you are going to turn on the air conditioner, make sure the filter is clean and sanitized. Otherwise, it may be harmful to the baby’s health.

4. Count on the help of professionals

If you still have doubts, look for a health specialist. This professional will be able to better advise you on breastfeeding in the summer, on free demand at this time of year or on the ideal frequency for breastfeeding on hot days, for example.

In addition, throughout your breastfeeding trajectory, count on consultants on the subject. Breastfeeding consultancy can be very important to answer questions, support any difficulties, and help mother and baby at any stage of child development.

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