5 Essential Tips For You To Breastfeed Better

Breastfeeding has many benefits, and not just for children. For mothers, it reduces postpartum bleeding, accelerates weight loss, reduces the incidence of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer, prevents osteoporosis, protects against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, among others.

However, the first time is not always an easy experience, and for this reason many mothers prefer to use a bottle, silicone nipples and others.

It is normal for this initial discomfort to lead to pain and create certain discomforts, making the mother give up breastfeeding. To prevent this from happening, we have selected five fundamental tips so that moms can breastfeed in a peaceful and safe way.

Before that, a tip that applies to all: thoroughly clean the nipples and hands before breastfeeding your child.

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1. Location and Time

It is important to select the right times to breastfeed, timed by the clock will help you and your baby to discipline the biological schedule. This preparation for the moment of breastfeeding will also require choosing a place that is quiet, not agitated, airy, without strong lights, not too dark and, above all, without interruption. For the bond of love to occur, it is important for both to be connected at that moment. Do not allow stress and problems to interfere with this moment, since, as is known, even tension can be perceived by the baby.

2. Food

From four months onwards, we can start to introduce some foods, even if milk replaces them. Make sure you have established correct breastfeeding times. Avoid, after four months, leaving the child without food for a long time. The same will serve you, observing your own need to feed. Hunger usually generates stress and that won’t be good for both of you.

3. Positions

There is a phrase that says: a good position equals a thousand breastfeedings. And this is true! The success of giving milk is directly related to the position, the way the mother holds the baby. The correct latch must always be the one in which the baby is facing the mother, the two bellies touching each other, with the mouth at the exact height of the breast, without forcing the neck, neither downwards nor upwards. The idea is to always bring the baby to the breast and never the other way around.

4. Breast pain

Alert! Pain can mean several things, including: the position is not adequate, and for this reason the milk is not flowing properly; or also that your nipples might be sore.

To deal with this, a good breast massage is recommended, and natural stimulation of the nipples is done regularly. In general, the breasts can be stimulated up to 3 times a day. It is important to remember that breastfeeding should not be an act of pain.

5. Higher milk production

With good nutrition, breastfeeding tends to be the best source of nutrients for the child. Childhood is one of the most significant phases for every human being and, for this to happen, it is important not to neglect this process . It is also in childhood that all the major systems of the body, such as the brain, for example, constitute lifelong development and learning. Drink lots of water, more than you usually drink on a daily basis. Natural teas, specific herbal medicines for breastfeeding, fruits, cereals and vegetables are the most appropriate.

Breastfeeding: moment of love

Due to the excessive rush of everyday life, all the charges, excess information, breastfeeding with peace of mind and safety tends to be a moment of relaxation and connection with oneself. Nurturing your baby requires certain preparations, but it has everything to be an act of love between mother and children.

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